Groups are kept small so that you can know your guides, fellow travelers and your destination. We want  you to feel like you’re traveling with a group of friends. We work hard to make your trip the trip of a lifetime and hope you choose to use our services again and again.

You’ll go to places that the big tours cannot go. Our small size allows us entry to restaurants, local taverns, tapas bars, museums and many other locations unavailable to the mass market tours. When you come with us we know the chef, the sommelier, the bartender and the museum guide that can give the best experience possible. You’ll often feel like a guest in someone’s home and in some cases you will be!

You’ll go to places off the usual tourist scene. Yes you will visit many of the must-sees but we will also go to small villages, make sailing and boat excursions, visit family run wineries and farms, have dinner with local chefs with food chosen at the local market, and much more that is inaccessible to large tours.

The itineraries are relaxed, not over scheduled. We try to keep from changing hotels more than three times on an itinerary so that there is less packing and repacking and to minimize time in transit. We know you want to relax on your trip so we try not to start too early (especially in Spain when the natural schedule is typically later than in the U.S.) Usually we won’t start any activities until after 10:00 a.m. There is free time so you can choose to relax, go shopping or pursue something that has taken your interest. We are happy to make recommendations.

Our guides are professional and bilingual with a passion to share their beloved countries and ensure you a have great experience. There’s always a lot to see when you travel and we can get you past the lines and avoid many travel hardships.

Our costs are reasonable. If you attempted to make the luxury accommodations, hire the translators, have a full time tour leader, arrange gourmet dinners, get an insider’s look at museums, take cooking classes, participate in dining clubs and other amenities we offer, your costs would be much higher.

Once you book your tour with us the price is fixed. No worrying about changes in exchange rates, VAT taxes and other tour expenses and surprises. There is no up selling and pressure to add items to the itinerary.

We carefully select our transportation services. We use high speed rail and small buses, usually Mercedes, and avoid mega buses. Our scale fits in to the local way of life.

Accommodations are carefully chosen for their location, quality,cleanliness and ambiance. Many are former palaces, monasteries or other unique establishments that have been lovingly restored and retain their original essence.

Dining selections have been carefully chosen for their quality, ambiance and character because food is one of the best ways to experience local life. The authentic joy of eating tapas in Madrid, pinxtos in San Sebastian, or cochinillo in Segovia cannot be replicated elsewhere because it is the sense of place that adds a special ingredient to the food.


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