Yes, we know its not in Spain! But at Easter we take a group of travelers for a week to savor this magical city. We have a great itinerary lined up. You’ll see a myriad of fascinating museums, famous monuments and don’t forget the wine and baguettes, the chocolate, the markets… There’s so much to do you’ll promise yourself to see more on the next visit.

A word about traveling in Paris. Just like many people talk about life in Spain being on Spanish time be aware that in Paris you’re on Parisien time and that means knowing the local schedules and being ready for an occasional setback like oh, a transit strike. Flexibility and a little spontaneity are a must since even with hours listed some monuments may open later on a particular day for reasons we as tourists will never know why.

For example, on our last tour we planned to see the fabulous Opera which was scheduled to open for 10:00, but a small sheet of paper at the ticket booth said, “sorry for the inconvenience but we’ll open at 13:00 today.” So instead we went to the nearby department store Galleries Lafayette Haussmann with its remarkable interior and a rooftop terrace with one of the best views of Paris. Also the schedules of the great museums are somewhat irregular, on Mondays the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée Carnavalet are closed and then others like the Louvre and the Musée de l’Orangerie are closed on Tuesdays. So when you come to Paris or really any destination and there is a snafu, be flexible and head in the direction of another fascinating monument, exhibit, or neighborhood.

April 8-15, 2017

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