Explore Madrid, Toledo, and Segovia and savor Spain’s great art and architecture and fantastic gastronomic scene. Come walk the ancient streets of Toledo with an expert on its remarkable history and in dine at a classic Segovia restaurant near the Roman aqueduct that soars over the main square.There are cooking classes with a noted chef, wine tastings, visits to great museums and more. Experience the zest for life and the mixture of cultures that makes Spain unique and join us in Madrid, Toledo and Segovia, the “Heart of Spain.”

1st Day (Friday) Bienvinedos to Madrid! Our tour starts with a traditional breakfast and a warm Spanish welcome. You’ll be staying in a 4 star hotel in the heart of Madrid and close to many of the “must sees” of this fabulous city. You will have time on day one to relax in this historic district and sample its fantastic taverns, shops, parks and markets. In the evening you’ll take a tour by private transportation to gain an overview of the city. Dinner is in a spectacular and hidden Madrid restaurant. BD

2nd Day (Saturday) Ernest Hemingway called Madrid, “the most Spanish of cities”, referring to its central role in Spanish history and embrace of the customs and traditions central in Spanish life. Today you’ll visit some of the historic sites of Madrid and have a traditional Madrilenian lunch with the locals. Remember lunch is later in the day and usually heavier than an American lunch and typically stretches on for quite a while. Evening is on your own to relax and to explore. Madrid’s night life is famous and we will give you great recommendations. Hemingway wrote, “Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night. Appointments with a friend are habitually made for after midnight at the cafe.” BL.

3rd Day ( Sunday ) After breakfast is a guided visit to the Museo Prado and the Museo Reina Sofia, two of the greatest art museums in the world hosting works by Velasquez, Goya, Picasso, Bosch, Dali and many others. Nearby is the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum of Art which hosts a remarkable collection of impressionist paintings. In the evening we are going to visit a nearby neighborhood noted for its multicultural flair for a wine tasting and dining with our local guide.BDSDC11514

4th day( Monday ) Today you can explore on your own, going shopping or taking another siesta. In the evening we are going to visit the “Barrio de las Letras “where writers such as Lope de Vega, Cervantes and Pérez Galdós lived and go to a private “tertulia” in one of the favorite cafes of the literati, with actual artist and writers participating. Enjoy the spectacle! Dinner will be in a historical site. BD.

5Th day ( Tuesday ) Today you’ll be visSDC11726it Alcalá de Henares, a small city outside of Madrid that is rich with history and a UNESCO world heritage site. In Alcala de Henares we are going to find the first “Ciudad Universitaria” in the world, the place where the first expedition of Colon (Christopher Columbus) was authorized, the birthplace of Cervantes, ruins of a Roman city, and the oldest theater in use in the world. After our tour we’ll lunch in a traditional restaurant and journey onward to fabulous Toledo where you’ll stay in a hotel with the most impressive views possible of this cultural gem of a city. BLD.

6th day (Wednesday) Today we’ll explore Toledo, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Toledo was once known as the Imperial City since it was Spain’s capital, and the City of the three cultures where Jews, Muslims and Christians lived in peace for many years. Inside Toledo, the artistic and cultural legacy is incredibly well preserved and we are going to explore this wonderful city with an expert guide. We’ll take a traditional lunch with the group and let you explore the city or rest as you choose because in the evening you will experience the magic of Toledo at night because after sunset the city invokes a special personality, with its mysteries, its legends and its fascinating caves and tunnels. BLD Linda Basque Country 2014 395

7th day (Thursday) After breakfast its a short trip to the monumental El Escorial which is a Royal Palace, a monastery, a basilica, a vault and a library. At this site you can feel the splendor and glory of the time it was built during the reign of King Phillip II when Spain was at its greatest power. You’ll lunch in the nearby village in a charming restaurant and have free time to explore the little streets, squares, and shops that the village offers. Nest its off to Segovia, where more exciting experiences are await. BL.

8th day (Friday) Splendid Segovia where the amazing Roman aqueduct, alSDC11633most untouched by the time, shows us what incredible feats of engineering the Roman empire was capable of creating. We will visit Segovia with a private guide and discover the monuments and wonders of this fascinating city. You’ll take lunch in a very traditional restaurant renowned throughout Spain not only for the great food but for the charming ceremony before starting the meal. Spend the afternoon on your own or if you want join us for a nice walk along the river. We will enjoy together a real tapas tour in Segovia at dinner time- this is a wonderful chance to appreciate why Spanish food is so well-known, and to see how Spaniards enjoy the moment, and we are sure that you will love it too!!!.. BLD.

9th day ( Saturday ) We take a visit to the Royal Palace “ La Granja de San Ildefonso “, just outside Segovia. The location was chosen by King Felipe V for its beauty as the site to build this Royal Palace and the surrounding gardens. The place is also famous for the use of an interesting traditional crystal fabric that uses the same process since the 17th century. We will have a group lunch and come back to Segovia to relax. This evening get ready to have fun and to experience a lesson on how to prepare traditional Spanish tapas and dishes that we think you’ll want to share with your friends whenSDC11678 you get home. The cooking class will be in a fabulous restaurant with a great view of Segovia and the mountains and is led by a noted chef. BLD.

10th day ( Sunday ) A trip to Spain should include at least one visit to a winery and today we’ll visit one of the best. We’ll learn about the process, visit the cellar and, of course, enjoy a tasting of some of the wines. On the way back we are going to stop in a magnificent castle so beautiful that we can’t miss it and take lunch in a small village. We have to prepare our “adios“ to this special tour as we come back to Madrid and give you a chance take dinner on your own. Our guides can give you advice on where to go to make this a special dinner. BL

11th day: (Monday ) After breakfast we say, ¡ Hasta pronto !!! See you soon!

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