Marisa Saiz Cantarero

Marisa is a native Madrilena with an educational background in economics. She has worked with several multinational corporations including as financial director of a Spanish food company with international reach where she dealt with the complexity of commercial interaction between different cultures. Marisa is a passionate student of anthropology, history and art and has participated as a guest host receiving international travellers for a highly recognized international organization of cultural exchange for about 15 years.
Marisa has channelled her passion into being Director and Tour Leader for many CultureConnectTours itineraries. She has helped create the routes for our tours by making connections with experienced local guides, personally inspecting hotels, restaurants, museums and arranging special cultural experiences to share on our tours and enrich your travelling experience. Marisa is proud of Spanish culture and loves to share her appreciation of its people, traditions, gastronomy and wine, for its history and art. She has worked to combine them to make every trip a unique unforgettable experience, connecting you with the joy of the Spanish way of life.


Patrick Jennings

Patrick is a tour director and company manager at CultureConnectTours. He has a Masters in Urban Planning and a fondness for the walkable scale of European cities and their integration of mixed uses and public transportation. “Spain is my favorite destination. The cities are lively, there’s great regional diversity, the food and wine are fantastic and most importantly the people lively, engaging, and friendly.” Patrick is active in developing the CultureConnectTours experience and itineraries, vetting hotels and local guides, trying out wineries, bars and  restaurants (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) and ensuring the best experience for our customers.

Ainara Garcia

Cristina Ainara

Cristina is our charming guide for the Basque region. Behind Cristina is the beautiful city of San Sebastian where she lives. She has decades of experience in showing her beloved Basque country to visitors and invites you to enjoy its unique heritage, great food , wine and culture.


Rebeca Arbizu

Rebeca is our delightful guide in Madrid.  Her style and deep knowledge of Spanish history and art and many years of experience as a professional guide helps visitors discover the Madrid Art scene and the city’s different historic quarters. Behind Rebeca in the photo is the square in Alcala de Henares, a nearby city that is very important in Spanish history and her home.

Nacho's Picture


“Nacho” is our nautical expert and guide on sailing tours. He’s an experienced licensed captain and lover of sailing the Galician sea. When he’s not sailing Nacho is a psychologist and organizational consultant, and member of an international organization of exchange with broad experience hosting and guiding foreign travelers around Spain. Nacho is intensively involved with social dynamics as director of the Spanish delegation of OPUS (Organization for Promoting Understanding in Society). As a passionate reader of history Nacho can help the traveler understand today’s Spain. He’s also a pretty good musician.


Linda Jennings

Linda is tour director and guide to our tours in France and Basque country. About 30 years Linda set out from New Orleans for Mexico and began a lifetime exploration of global cultures. She’s since traveled throughout Central America, Asia and Europe. She’s lived and studied in France, Mexico and Guatemala and is fluent in Spanish and French. Linda is a member of an international organization that connects travelers with host families and has experienced the enrichment that comes from connecting with people from other cultures. Linda believes that the freedom of travel offers us extraordinary insights into our world and ourselves.

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