Linda Basque Country 2014 401CultureConnectTours takes you to Spain for truly memorable and enriching travel experiences.  Our staff is passionate about the work they do and our destinations. Let us take care of the logistics of travel while you relax, learn, and explore.

Most of our group tours are limited to twelve persons so that you are close to our guides and connect with the local character and way of life, making for a unique travel experience. We have carefully selected accommodations and dining experiences that let you savor Spanish life in its variety and richness.

We know that travel can be exhausting at times and we want you to have the opportunity for your own exploration and relaxation and won’t over schedule your day. We want you to come back again and again with us and continue to explore the diverse regions of Spain.




CultureConnectTours is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A. and has staff in Spain. Because we’re international we are able to respond to your needs in a fast and reliable way. We understand your wants and desires and take pride in our customer service policy and attention to details so that you can enjoy your experiences. We strive to reach your travel goals and want to make your travels happier, more informed, relaxed and fulfilled.

Break out of your routine! Discover Spain with CultureConnectTours!


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